Home textiles

Each piece of textile by Luiz and Winter&Home is made of natural and premium materials. It is precisely cut in the direction of the thread and then hand-sewn, stitch by stitch. A customer who chooses Luiz can personalize the order to its needs. Practically everything can be defined by the client. Contact our specialist Miloslav Maleček to help you choose the best textile for your interior.

The perfect sleep and rest require a good bed but also bed linen. Our showroom contains the best selection of duvets and pillows by the renowned manufacturer Kauffmann. Since 1896, this brand has been a guarantee for handmade products. Filled with goose down and eiderdown for optimum heat flow and incredibly light. No synthetic material can replace a natural one. We also offer products from Mühldorfer, the best supplier of anti-allergic duvets and pillows. Their products are used by the most luxurious hotels around the world.