Our team

  • Do not keep anything that failed to prove useful or beautiful to you.

    Jiří Stopka


  • The only way to do your work well is to love what you do.

    Miroslav Stopka

    Executive manager CZ

  • I love the entire world of design. And I bring fragments of it to Slovakia.

    Aneta Vazačová

    Executive manager SK

  • I like to compose interior design like a poem.

    Marek Zavadil


  • Architecture and design go hand in hand. The same applies to the designer and high-quality equipment.

    David Polišenský


  • Olga Tomšovská

    Showroom Manager

  • Practicality and timeless design. That is what I find fascinating about our brands.

    Jana Hájková

    Brand Manager

  • Lucie Mynaříková

    Brand Manager

  • Products by Miele never fail to surprise me and convince me of their good quality.

    Tomáš Srb

    Specialist in home appliances

  • Perfect details make a perfect interior.

    Miloslav Maleček

    Decor Specialist

  • Sára Stopková

    Reception, Marketing

  • Each material has its unwritten laws… and a designer should keep in balance with the material.

    Denisa Mrňáková


  • Kristýna Kolaciová


  • I see technology as ingenious creativity.

    Pavel Zbuzek

    Project Manager