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A place for both company and mindfulness. For the whole family and for the moments when you want to have it just for yourself.

Living rooms

The living room is representative of your home. It brings the family together and gives you space to focus.

We select for you the very best that the world of interior design has to offer, always combining quality, aesthetics and function.

Relax anytime with Gallotti&Radice, Rimadesio, Draenert or COR and put your things down on coffee tables by the same brands. Uncompromising design and great workmanship are the cornerstones of your comfort.


An unmistakable dominant feature of the living room is then constituted by the bookshelf. The Rimadesio, Gallotti&Radice and Interlübke brands have designed a huge range of these, each combining elegance and practicality to ensure that your books enrich not only your spirit but also the space in which they are displayed.


Storage space in style. A chest of drawers by Rimadesio, Interlübke, Gallotti&Radice, Riva 1920 and others will fit perfectly into your dream interior. It is after all a dream to always have things at hand and cleverly sorted.

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Gallotti&Radice, Twils, COR and other icons.

From the carpet, through the bookshelves, to the sofa and vase with a flower on the coffee table. We will assemble a magnificent or minimalist living space solution tailored exactly to your wishes.


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